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  • To/from each of the more than 5,600 DB railway stations

  • To/from any German airport and Basel Airport and Salzburg Airport on the entire DB rail network. Below, you will find a list of all connecting services to and from airports which are included free of charge in your Rail & Fly ticket.

  • On all DB trains (incl. ICE) except DB Autozug, special trains and only on certain City Night Line trains. Journeys inside a transport association are permissible only in combination with use of a long-distance train.

  • Reservations are compulsory for ICE Sprinter trains and a separate supplement is payable. You can make the reservation and pay the supplement at all DB Travel Centers and all DB agencies.

  • Rail & Fly tickets are valid on the day before your flight departure, the day of the outbound flight, the day of your return flight and the following day. When you book a Rail&Fly ticket from an airline, it is important to have the exact date on which you will travel to the airport stated in the booking.

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